Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hot Wheels

If you remember, Cru got a new bike for Christmas.

Well, the one time he tried to ride it, he was a bit frustrated.

He's never showed interest in riding it since then.

I guess we just had to wait for the right time....

On Friday, after we had spent all afternoon outside playing with every single toy we own, it was nearing sundown, however the weather was still beautiful, so I suggested we practice riding his bike. Much to my surprise, he said yes! So, we strapped on his new, size 8 helmet....

and off he went!

Like he's been riding for years! He made it all around the neighborhood three times!

We came around the corner just as Daddy was coming home from work, so of course, he wanted to show off!

Actually, he really just wanted to "ride by Hunter's house" AGAIN! Every time we rode to Hunter's, he would sit in their driveway and throw a fit because we wouldn't let him go inside and play with Hunter.

All he asks to do now is practice riding his bike (and play baseball)! Yay!! So proud of him! And I'm so excited we have another bike rider amongst our family!

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