Monday, March 12, 2012


When I decided to start my blog nearly three years ago, I stumbled across many in the process. I have a handful that I consistently stalk follow. The writer behind this blog recently shared that her sister was going to be a contestant on the latest season of Survivor. I was a Survivor fan for a while, but then several seasons ago, I just stopped watching. No reason, I just lost interest. Kinda like the Bachelor.....seriously, how many seasons can you have?

Anyways, when you follow a blog for that long, kinda like watching your favorite tv show, you start to feel like you "know" the family behind the stories. So, I felt it was a great reason to get back into the show.

Our whole family is into it. And Reese loves it! Maybe a little more than I thought.....

Her new favorite thing to do outside is tie her jump rope around the tree, hold on tight, jump, and yell, I'm on Survivor!".

I think she would do well in the immunity challenges!

But you know what she would be even better at????

Building fires!

In fact, she found an old box of matches at Grammie and Papa's house this weekend and behind closed doors (she was playing with little toys that Everlee could have choked on), she proceeded to strike a match, "quickly blow it out" (her words, not mine), then throw the HOT, STILL SMOKIN' match in the office trash can, which only contained paper!

Yay for Miss Pyromaniac! They always make it til the end!

I'm just praying none of the contestants figure out how to cut hair with fish bones or something!

Actually, a professional may be taking care of that for us this week......

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