Monday, February 27, 2012

Cowboy Cru is 3!

We had so much fun celebrating Cru's third birthday this weekend!

3!!! Can't believe he's 3!

It was a lot of fun watching the kids be cowboys and cowgirls riding their stick horses, shooting the bullseye, and playing in the western town!

Cru was so funny when it came time for cake....

we all started singing, which he sang along to very loudly and after every time we sang "Happy birthday to you", he would try to blow out the candles. Then we'd start singing the next verse, which he sang as well, "Happy birthday to you" blooooowwwww! And by the time we got to "Happy birthday dear Cruuuuu", his candles were out! And that's what we love so much about him!

Our little man is so blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful friends and family!

It really meant a lot to us that Chet's Grandma and Grandpa were able to make the trip!

A special good-bye for Grandma Norma from the sweet cowboy.

Cru may be a whiny, challenging, make-you-want-to-pull-your-hair-out-and-scream kind of kid who loves Dora, wearing his shirt unbuttoned, and really didn't understand or care that it was his birthday. But he is also the most lovable, affectionate, polite, little mama's boy, and our lives just wouldn't be the same or as blessed without him in it.

No matter how many times we yell at you, we really do love you, Buddy!

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