Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy Birthday, Sam!

Monday was our good buddy, Sam's (aka Chimney), birthday!

I got a text that morning from my dad making sure we were still coming out to his store after we pick Reese up from school because Sam had already been out there twice asking where we were at and when we were coming!

My dad had a bunch of goodies for him that he couldn't wait to open - hand sanitizer, chapstick, flash light, beads....

We've given him so many beads, and he wears every single one of them! What can I say, Sam loves him some bling just like everyone else!

My dad also gave him a couple old Dirt Cheap polos! He thought he'd hit the jack pot!

And then, he said a quick thank you and before we could even say your welcome, he was out of there.....back to his "school" to show off all his presents!

Happy Birthday, Sam!!!

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