Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I'm so sorry for my terrible writing in this post.....words just weren't coming to me......


We started indulging in Valentine's treats a few days ago when Daddy surprised us with some yummy red velvet cupcakes made by our friend Kellsie Corrigan!

If you are needing cupcakes, CALL HER!!!!

Reese had her Valentine's party at school on Monday. She gave her friends these super cute, non-sugar, inexpensive (<$4 total!) treats! Thank you, Pinterest!

We didn't have anything special planned for Tuesday, but I definitely wasn't planning on Cru throwing up first thing in the morning :( So, we did lots of lounging around in our jammies.

About mid-morning, my Uncle Jeff delivered us three bouquets of flowers from our oh-so-sweet Daddy.

We love our Daddy ♥

I didn't want Cru to feel left out since Daddy didn't send him flowers, so it was the perfect time to give him his present, which just so happens to be his latest obsession - The Sandlot.

After lunch, we finally put on some normal clothes.

Then, as the little ones napped, Reese and I played balloon tennis with heart wands that came in our flower bouquets.....

We also made love notes for Daddy.....

cut, sounded out, and written all by herself

We also practiced cartwheels (yes, WE.....had to show her how it's done!). I would so love to own a trampoline so I can show her how to do flips!

Daddy brought home supper and champagne, and we also enjoyed visits from both grandparents to wrap up our evening.

Hope all of you had a wonderful day!

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