Monday, February 13, 2012

Grandma Mary's Birthday

Last week, my Grandma Mary also had a birthday, so the kids and I made a special trip to the Cedars to visit her and wish her a happy birthday!

Reese loves visiting Grandma and playing with all of her dolls. And ever since she started making regular visits there with my mom, she says she wants to help old people walk when she gets older :)

Cru LOVES Grandma Mary! When I told him where we were going and that we were going to give Grandma a big birthday hug, he told me he wanted to give her a kiss....the boy loves to show affection!

He backed out of the whole kiss thing once we got there though!

I have a feeling Everlee will enjoy visiting the Cedars as well once she gets a little older. But for now, she's a little resistant to all those cheek pinchers.

My grandma was very surprised and very happy to see us. We were only there for about five minutes, but I have a feeling that five minutes meant the world to her!

Happy Birthday, Grandma Mary!!!

Birthdays are a continuing theme for our family this month. Little man's will be here soon enough.

Big sister and her friend covered his face in make-up. I have a feeling he sat very still, but once they were done, he was NOT HAPPY!

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