Friday, April 29, 2011

The younger two

The days Reese is at pre-school was my special one-on-one time with Cru. Even if we spent it running errands, it was still just him and I. Everlee kinda changed all that. Despite her demanding a lot of my attention, I'm still trying to do a good job of giving him the attention he deserves. So, the other morning, I decided to take him to feed the ducks. He had so much fun! As did I watching him. He kept calling, "Here ducky, here ducky! Come here dude!" He literally had them eating out of his hands. And although, Everlee woke up after only a half hour thus forcing us to call it quits, it was probably the best half hour of my day!

As I mentioned before, we've got someone helping us out with Reese and Cru three days a week, which has allowed me to spend some great quality time with Everlee. I am so thankful for that because time is going way too fast with her.....she's nearly three months old, smiling, cooing, and tries to sit up all the time so she can see what's going on around her.

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  1. What a dollie! She looks quite a bit like her big brother! Hope you all are doing well!