Thursday, April 21, 2011


Haven't had one of these lately - Totally Random Post (with totally random pictures).

First and foremost, busy season is OVER! We have our Daddy back! Actually, Chet does a really good job of balancing it all, so when it's all said and done, it really isn't that bad. For the most part.

I'm sad that we haven't taken our annual after tax season trip to the zoo. The weather has been pretty chilly and Cru has been battling his third ear infection, but hopefully we'll go soon.

Last weekend was busy! Reese celebrated her buddy, Carter's, 5th birthday. She had a blast, especially when she finally decided jumping in the bounce house with a bunch of boys wasn't that scary. The best part though was seeing cousin Charlee.

We also went to a bridal shower last weekend for my cousin's fiancee, Jaycee. She's one of the sweetest girls we know. Reese adores her. Their wedding will definitely be a special one.

The last big event of the weekend was making it to church. The boys stayed home since Cru was sick, but it felt so good being there with my girls.

I've got some great new Bows & Bands inventory! Love, love, love the vintage hand-made silk flowers! Give away coming soon!

I'm excited for Easter this weekend even though I'm way behind on filling the kids' baskets. I'm looking forward to watching them hunt eggs. Cru will totally be into it if Reese doesn't take over. I hope we can find time to color eggs before the weekend.

American Idol was on last night (and again tonight)!!! Cru asks every night if it's on. Team Scotty at the Buchman house!

I can't wait until Everlee's nursery is complete.

We've got mice! I know, nasty, right. It totally disgusts me, but there's no stopping them, especially when you live in a field. We've got some in between the upstairs floor and the basement ceiling. We caught one the other night, but there's still another one. I heard it squeaking yesterday while feeding Everlee. Talk about losing your appetite.

I guess that's about it. I hope everyone has a great rest of the week! It's almost over!

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