Thursday, April 7, 2011

2 months

Miss Everlee Brooke turned 2 months on Wednesday!

It seems as if she's taken a growth spurt this month because she is out growing newborn clothes, length wise. She also bumped up to size 1 diapers.

She still eats every 2 hours. When I have to be away from her, she does very well taking a bottle of breast milk. So I just have to vent for a sec. I have chosen to do one of the most unselfish sacrifices you can do as a mom and breast feed my baby (at least that's my opinion), but why have I been so painfully punished with a second bat with mastitis, two shots of antibiotic in my butt, a 104 fever, and just plain feeling like crap? Just wondering....

She sleeps in a co-sleeper bed in between Chet and I (if I don't fall asleep nursing her). She usually sleeps 4-5 hours, then nurses on one side, poops her pants, has happy smiley time, then eats on the other side and falls back to sleep. I really can't complain.

Man, she's a good baby! Happy and lots of smiles. And she's really been working on finding her voice lately.

She loves the swing as much as her brother and sister did, which is a blessing. Lets me get something done.

Even though she's got strong neck muscles, tummy time isn't her favorite.

She's actually content for a while just laying on the floor kicking or sitting in her bouncy seat, which once again, is very helpful.

Happy 2 months, veetheart (Cru calls her veetheart (sweetheart) all the time. It's priceless.) We love you, and we are so happy you're part of our family.

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