Monday, April 4, 2011

Grandma Day

This past Friday was my mom's last Grandma Day (she gets 5 days off when a new grandchild is born). For once, we didn't have to spend it in some doctor's office, so we decided to have a little fun!

Even though the kids are finally getting healthy, we decided to go to germ-infested McDonald's anyways.

They really had a blast! Probably because we were finally out of the house!

It won't be long before this sweet pea will be running right behind them.

Since the kids were having so much fun (and behaving!) and the sun was shining, we decided to forgo nap time and continue our play time at the park.

Cheese face!

He's all smiles here because he was eating rocks!

Thanks Grandma for such a fun day! We love you!

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