Monday, April 18, 2011

1 shot, that's all I need

For a couple weeks now I've been wanting to dress the kids up in their Easter clothes and attempt to get a descent picture of the three of them. Every time I'd pump myself up to do it, I'd suddenly get really UN-motivated; it just seemed like way too much work for a stinkin' picture. Plus, I kept reminding myself they'll be dressed up Easter Sunday, surely I'll get one then.

Well, last Thursday my wild hair was back. Everlee had just eaten (and pooped) so she was very happy, and the other two just had lunch so they were in a good mood as well, so I thought why not? 1 shot, that's all I need. How hard could it be?

Uhh, hard! Our session started like this.....

This was a bad idea! What was I thinking????

I was really hoop and hollering and acting like a crazy lady behind the camera, but it just wasn't working. I almost called it quits.....

But then, I mentioned the big "C" word......CANDY!!! All smiles....crazy smiles!

So, then I more specifically said (in my hoop and hollerin' crazy camera lady voice), "Whopper Easter eggs if you smile AT the camera!"

And that's all they needed....

and all I needed.

Is it perfect? No....Cru is holding a cell phone, Everlee's dress is almost to her chin, thus exposing her diaper, and Reese's chin is down a little too far, but it's perfect to me because it's so them. It's the 1 shot I was hoping for. That crazy, out-of-control 15 minutes was worth it. Candy is worth it! Mama is happy! And so are my babies, whose mouths were then filled with whopper eggs!

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