Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Snow much fun!

I think we are finally done with all of our parties and programs, which I still need to blog about, but first things first, Christmas break is here!!! Wa-hoo! No alarms clocks until January 4! And seriously, what would Christmas break be without some snow!!! I have to admit though, I am pretty relieved we only got two inches instead of the eight or ten or whatever they called for.

Ever since the beautiful white stuff started falling, the kids have BEGGED to play in it. Cru was the first (Reese was at a friend's house).

He LOVED his ski bibs (I don't know what they are actually called, that's just what I've always called them).

And all he wanted to do was eat the snow!

Seriously, that's all he did!

He loved it! And stayed out there a whole ten minutes!

As soon as Reese came home from her friend's house, she was out in it!

Seriously, she loves, loves, loves the snow!

I think she may need some better gear at some point.

Leggings and non-snow boots....that could almost be considered child abuse.

Then, our neighbor came home from school and she joined in. Her mommy was nice enough to get out the sleigh. The girls loved every minute of it.

Our neighbors soon went inside, but Reese kept playing.

The next day, when I picked Reese up from school, her first question was if she could play in the snow again. So out they went!

Still no snow gear for my girl, but she didn't seem to mind.

Yes, all he did was eat it again, by the handfuls.

Your turn is coming, Evee!

Hmmm, so I wonder what we'll be doing tomorrow???

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