Thursday, December 15, 2011

2011 Santa in the hood

On Monday, our neighborhood friends came over for our annual Santa in the hood! This is always so much fun and it certainly NEVER gets old seeing the kids' reaction to Santa standing in their living room!

Reese was bursting at the seems with excitement that all of her friends were coming over to her house!

We started with making Rudolph cupcakes, which of course, were a yummy hit!

After treats, most of the kids ventured downstairs to play, but a few stayed upstairs, and their reaction when the jolly ol' fella entered our house was priceless.....

Hunter grabbed Asher and hid as fast as he could!

He brought each child a new book!

And was kind enough to listen to what each child wanted for Christmas and pose for pictures......

Reese must have been star struck because she suddenly forgot what she wanted!

Everlee was not impressed and Cru wouldn't 't take his eyes of him.

I absolutely love this tradition we share with our friends! And I love that Everlee is now here to share it with us!

Later that evening, after our friends left, as I was giving Reese and Cru a bath, we were talking about how much fun the evening was, and I said something about how Santa must think they are all very special kids because he made a special stop at our house just to see them! After a long pause, Reese replied, "But that wasn't the real Santa, was it?"

Now for my long pause......

I had no idea what to say, so I told her would we talk about it later. Luckily, she never brought it up again.

Back row: Reanna, Carter, Cru, Hunter, Mallorie. Front row: Reese, Evee, Karlie, Lynzee, Cole, and Asher.

Thanks, friends for another memorable Santa in the hood!

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