Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pre-K Christmas program and party

The Tuesday before Christmas, Reese's entire school had their Christmas program. After having a minor disagreement with Chet when deciding where to sit (which involved switching seats three times), it was pretty disappointing when she took her spot in the very back row. Every so often, when I would stretch my neck to look for her, I'd either see the pink flower in her hair, her mouth wide open singing her heart out, or her stretching her neck out searching the crowd....

All their little voices sounded heavenly even if we couldn't see our little angel.

There was a reception afterwards that I helped make cookies for, but we decided to skip it and have cookies at home. Reese didn't seem to mind, she was just disappointed she didn't get to see the Mainzers; she kept repeating, "Where are Mya, Quinn, and Zane? I want to say hi to them." Love her heart!

Getting so big!

My friend, Mindy, took this picture during the program while singing Silent Night ♥

The next day was Reese's last day of school before break and her class party! With Cru and Everlee around, it's difficult for me to go to her parties, but thankfully, I can always count on Mindy to snap some great pictures for me!

I was in charge of the treats - snowman cupcakes thanks to Pinterest!

The kids then played games.

I think all the kids were pretending to be elves, Santa, reindeer, gingerbread men, etc. Too cute!

They also limboed! Not sure if that's even a word?

Little trouble on her form.

And finally, they played a hot potato, which Mindy said Reese finished third to last. Nice job, Sis!

When I picked Reese up that day, she was so excited to tell me all about her party; the words literally couldn't come out of her mouth fast enough. But before telling me all about it, she asked why I wasn't there :(

Some of the girls in her class - Ava, Reese, Mallorie, Reese, and Addi. Love this picture!

Almost all the boys - Eli, Joe, Ian, Carter, Josiah, and Lincoln

Love her class!

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