Monday, December 26, 2011

Like that was one totally rad party!

Hope everyone had a very merry and blessed Christmas! We certainly did!

Since I have fallen behind on blogging, I thought the easiest way to get caught up would be to go in chronological order.

It's always fun every year watching the kids during their Santa in the 'hood party, but what's even more fun is when the adults get a chance to party!

This year we had an 80's theme, and boy, was I stoked!

Who wouldn't want to party with a group that looked like this?!

Chris and Mindy do an awesome job hosting every year, although they make you feel a bit intimidated with their awesome clothes!

I was hoping someone would wear Hammer pants, and boy did Chris deliver!!!

Chet wasn't a fan of dressing up, but I sure had fun! In case you were wondering, my sweater and amazing yellow heels came from Goodwill, my legwarmers were the sleeves of a Goodwill sweater, gloves were fishnet socks from Walmart, and my fishnet leggings, peace sign earrings and belt also came from Walmart.

The evening was seriously the BOMB!

Does anyone remember the girl's name from Napoleon Dynamite because she was totally at our party!

Doesn't get much better than chillin' with great friends and snackin' on some majorly good food! What a totally tubular group of ladies!

The men spent most of the evening upstairs bitching about how we are never having another dress up party playing poker.

What a wicked party, Allens! Thank you!!!

Costumes or no costumes, we know next year will be just as fun RAD!

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