Monday, December 26, 2011

Baby steps

I had to interrupt the chronological order thing to note one major happening this Christmas.....EVEE TOOK HER FIRST STEPS!!!!!!!!!

Over the past couple weeks, she's taken half steps here and there, but Christmas Eve night, while celebrating at my parent's house, she took about three steps. I was getting ready to change her diaper, and she wanted the wipes and just started walking, so I didn't get any video of it, but Chet was able to quickly capture one picture.

Then, on Christmas day, while at the Buchmans, she walked almost half way across their living room (at least 5 steps)! Chet and I missed it the first time, but luckily she did it again for us, the video camera, and my camera :)

Yes, this means we are going to be even busier, but I'm so proud! We were all proud! I think I've said it before, but when it's your last baby hitting milestones, you can't help but yell, cheer, and praise as if you're a first-time parent!

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