Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sippin' chino with Papa

Let me preface this by saying one distinct memory I have of my Grandpa Reese was sitting on his lap and sippin' coffee. We would stir it and tap, tap, tap the spoon, then he would have us sip it off the spoon. The only problem, none of us liked it, except maybe Andrew?? Thus far Cru is like Andrew.....except there's no stirring and no coffee. Now it's fancy cups with lids and cappuccino.

When we go out to Papa's store, one of the first things Cru asks for (after cookies, of course) is drinks of Papa's cappuccino.

Yes, Papa complies (what are Papa's for, right?) even though the last thing this kid needs is caffeine.

Yesterday, Cru got his own cup of chino!

They sip and say, "That's some good chino!"

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