Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Game time

Our week has not gotten off to a very good start so I'm going to back track to happier times - game times!

The weather was really nice last Friday, so once Cru was up from his nap we headed outside. Cru actually ended up going to Grandma Linda's when he woke up, so it was just us girls enjoying playtime. A neighbor girl was over, and she asked Reese if she wanted to play hop scotch. Reese has kinda played before, but this time it was for reals, and she thought it was THE.COOLEST.GAME.EVER!!!! The two girls played so well together - taking turns, laughing, and having fun.

I see a lot of hop scotchin' in our future.

More game playing continued on Saturday when we traveled to Topeka to watch Aunt Casyn at the state basketball tournament. Reese and Cru were battling nasty colds so Grandma Linda and Papa Dell offered to stay home with them so Chet and I could still go. THANK YOU GRANDMA AND GRANDPA!!! It felt weird just having one child with us. For the most part, Everlee did great during the trip - she slept the whole way there and only screamed for one feeding stop on the way home. This girl very much sticks to her 2 hour eating schedule! She loved every minute of being spoiled during the games by Grandma Cheryl, Aunt Cheyna, and Aunt Rhonda.

Congratulations to Aunt Casyn and the rest of her team on a third place finish! What a career Casyn has had at MHS! We are so proud her!

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