Tuesday, March 22, 2011

6 weeks

Everlee had her 6 week well child check on Monday. She really wasn't all that into it.....

Doesn't she look big?!

Since I'm already so far behind on documenting in her baby book, I figured I better post her stats here for when I finally do get caught up.

Everlee at 6 weeks:
10 lbs. 6 oz.
23 in.

Compared to her siblings:

Reese at 6 weeks:
11 lbs. 2 oz.
22 1/2 in.

Cru at 6 weeks:
12 lbs. 5 oz.
22 3/4 in.

What BIG healthy babies we have!

On a different note, this week is spring break. My poor Cru-Cru is still so sick so thus far our days have stayed busy with trips to the doctor (two already this week (it's only Tuesday) and three trips last week.....needless to say, I've had enough!). But in the midst of all of this sickness, little Miss Everlee Brooke has been an angel.

Yes, she ties me down with all of her eating and only wanting to sleep in someone's arms, but she's truly been a blessing to our family.

She's actually sleeping better at night than the big kids.....praise the Lord!

I can't say enough good about her.....or her siblings. They both love her so much. Of course, they love her even more when they are sick and love to rub their germ filled hands all over her. But she just deals with it.

Thank you, Everlee!

We love you more than it probably feels right now (not like you really know), but we love you (and those chubby cheeks)!

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