Friday, December 17, 2010


Today, my alarm went off at 3:32 am.

Today, Chet left the house at 4:00 am and it's not even tax season. He had to catch a 6:40 am flight to Florida.

Today, we watched this.

It was cute. Cru actually sat and watched a little before nap time; he's not a tv watcher like his sister.

Today, I didn't get my People magazine in the mail....what's up with that? But I did receive a Christmas card from a former co-worker/friend/adopted mom/amazing woman that totally made my day.

Today, I CRAVED homemade cookies. And I almost ignored it until I thought it would be fun for Reese and I to do while Cru napped.

I searched my recipe drawer and found the simplest sugar cookie recipe ever; I forgot I had it. And luckily, I had everything on hand.

Speaking of hands.....

I'm always willing to let Reese help, but today, rolling the dough into balls proved to be a little tougher (and messier) than she bargained for.

Today, I eventually had two helpers.

Good thing he woke up during the cooling process and went straight to decorating, otherwise, I'd still be baking cookies because having two helpers would have turned into a disaster.

Today, we iced, sprinkled, and devoured!

Today, it was cold enough for hats.

Today, Reese requested crunchy tacos for supper, no lettuce! But we took a slight detour on our way to get some.

Today, I watched this.....and was a little bored.

Today, I had planned to wrap presents, but decided sitting on the floor sounded way too uncomfortable. Maybe tomorrow.

Today, we really, really missed our Daddy.

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