Monday, December 13, 2010


We had something going on every day/evening last week, and the same goes for this week. So lets rewind a bit....

My dad's business, Dirt Cheap Banner & Signs, recently moved to a new location, so to celebrate that move and get the word out, last Thursday morning he hosted the weekly chamber coffee at his new building. He had a great turn out, and people were able to look around while sipping on coffee and eating cinnamon rolls :)

(My dad with his workers, Matt and Adam)

That same evening, the kids had their annual Santa in the hood. It seems like with the cold weather and all the holiday craziness, we go weeks without seeing each other, so this is always a good time for the kids to get together and play and make treats and most importantly receive a special visit from Santa. I would say Reese gets "most improved player" from last year. She loved the big guy! Cru, on the other hand, was scared out of his mind. By the end of the night, I was beyond exhausted and I could barely peel my boots and jeans off my legs they were so swollen. All worth it though, I think.

Daddy snapped a few pics before we left....

Making reindeer cookies.

Some just skipped right to the eating.

All the kids minus Cru....he still was wanting no part of Santa.

Santa brought Reese a really cool princess book that came with a big princess map and all the little princesses. When Cru is down for his nap, we've been escaping to her room for princess fun!

I think the baby's enjoyed playing princesses too.

Friday night was the adult neighborhood Christmas get together. Remember last year......

Not as many people could come this year, so we opted for just good food and good company, but by the end of the night, we decided ugly sweaters were definitely needed again next year.

Saturday was freezing! But that didn't stop us from getting out; Reese and I went to see Tangled. And as an added treat, Grammi joined us. It was a great movie! Reese LOVED it! At the end of it, she whispered to Grammi that she wanted a Rapunzel, Eugene, and horse for her birthday.

As soon as the movie was over, we ran home to get Daddy, Cru, and Grandpa, then took off for El Dorado to spend the evening celebrating Uncle Ty's birthday. He made yummy chili for all of us, and of course, we enjoyed some quality time with Charlee.

Whew! So I think that's all of it, at least until tomorrow evening. Hope you all have a wonderful week! Can't believe Christmas is almost here!

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