Thursday, December 23, 2010


Hard to believe that tomorrow is Christmas Eve! As we prepare for the big day (more like big weekend since we start tomorrow and don't stop until Sunday night), we've been making our lists and checking them twice. And even though technically my Christmas shopping has been done since the first weekend in November, I always end up doing some last minute running around. And Chet, on the other hand, well he just started shopping today!

But our family is not just preparing for Christmas these days, the newest member of our family will be here sooner than we realize. I'm now nearly 33 weeks along , going to the doctor quite frequently, and feeling really big so I know the end is near. Part of our family's preparation for our new addition has been our time spent with Charlee, which I am very thankful for.

I know I've said this before, but Reese loves her! Loves her like she's her own sister. But she's also remembering what a baby's like because she does not like Charlee's crying. She said she screams like Cru and pretty much wants nothing to do with her.

Cru, on the other hand, I think loves her more when she cries. He runs to her side, talks to her, would love to pick her up, but settles for giving her a kiss, her pacifier, or an empty bottle he may find lying around. Maybe he's going to be better at this big brother thing than I think.

And Chet, well he's already a pro. But napping with a snuggly little one has brought back a lot of memories that he's looking forward to.

And as for myself, although I have a list a mile long - buy a baby book, buy baby bedding, move Reese to the basement, move Cru to Reese's old room, transition Cru to a big boy bed, and it goes on and on and on - I have done very little to prepare for this baby. But as I spend time watching, holding, and talking to baby Charlee, I remind myself that yes, that stuff needs to get done (and it will, hopefully), but it's more about the stuff you don't prepare for - a newborn's sweet smell (or not so sweet sometimes), their noises, their crazy hair (which totally runs in our family)

their innocence that runs all the way from the top of their head

down to their itty bitty toes.

In all this preparation, we shouldn't lose site of the real reason for all this - the best gift of all, the birth of Jesus.

Merry almost Christmas!

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