Monday, December 6, 2010

30 weeks

In the two seconds it took for me to take this belly shot, Cru was up to no good.

Yeah you, buddy!

Hey, at least it was all outside the toilet.

Pregnancy Highlights:

How far along: 30 weeks.....nearing the end....the weeks just keep passing by faster and faster.
Size of baby: almost 3 pounds and over 15 inches long
Total weight gain: 24 pounds
Maternity clothes: Both
Gender: ???
Movement: Lots! Reese just loves feeling it!
Sleep: Sleeping good
Symptoms: Braxton hicks
What I miss: Nothing
Cravings: Just about anything..... I AM STARVING! My food intake has been somewhat limited lately because I had a tooth flare up over the weekend (no, not because of all the cherry laffy taffy I've been indulging in the past few weeks). Thankfully, I don't have to have any work done, just taking antibiotics, and hopefully things will be back to normal SOON!
Best moment of the week: Sunday - although I had no sleep the night before because of my tooth, I received an email that day that made me so proud Reese. Also, Chet was super helpful that day - waking up with the kids, making waffles for everyone, doing some laundry, unloading and loading the dishwasher, and entertaining the kids. Thank you, babe!
What I'm looking forward to: All the holiday festivities coming up! Oh yeah, and my hair appointment....I can't wait to chop this mop!

And in other news, Miss Reese went to the eye doctor for the first time today. She's been telling me for days that her eyes "feel fine." I was a bit worried how it might go.....

We had quite a wait for the doctor. I could tell she was getting a little bored.....

and a little irritated.....

We found ways to pass the time though.....

And when the doctor finally came in, Reese blew me away with how grown up she was.

I just sat back and took it all in.....

And the best part, so far Reese's eyes are not following in her mom and dad's footsteps, meaning her eyes are great!

All eye doctor pictures taken with my phone....sorry for the quality.....had to capture the moment though.

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