Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I like to move it, move it

Reese has been attending her new dance class for several weeks now. She really likes it, I think. I just go by what she says, which is all good, however, I have yet to see for myself. Until today! Because they were having a shorter class, I asked if I could just stay and watch. Little man joined me and all eyes were on the girls.

As the girls were getting ready for class to begin, some of them (ok, who am I kidding, pretty much all of them) were running around the room chasing each other and screaming, except my Reesey. Could have been because I was there, but also that's just who she is, just kinda sits back, takes it all in, and does her own thing.

I beamed the entire class. I love watching these little girls, especially my little girl.

Reese hasn't shared a lot of details of what goes on at class, but normally, I hear they didn't do somersaults (which she is deathly afraid of doing), they jumped, and she's usually singing "Move It" (a song from Madagascar, one of her favorite movies, which I figured they were just buggying to). Much to my surprise, they've already been learning a routine to that song.

These girls were sure movin' it!

They also danced to "Under the Sea."

I couldn't believe how much of their routines they already knew in such a short amount of time. It was great!

So happy I was able to watch today. Made me want to get up and move it myself.

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