Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I've struggled with making this post "come to life"....there's so much I want to share, it's been overwhelming.  Then, it finally hit me....everything I want to talk about shares a common ground.


It's like a right you receive as soon as you become a parent.  You are now someone's biggest fan for life.  Therefore, you can be proud of them over the littlest things that may seem pointless to the rest of the world.

Lately, it seems as if we've had a lot of reasons to cheer....

I think I've been bragging pridefully sharing about my kids getting teeth for six years, and now, I get to share about them losing them.  Reese is now on tooth number five; the first one she actually pulled out all on her own instead of letting it just fall out.

It caused some tears, but man, was she proud!

Just like with everything else in life, we all have some not so proud moments, like when the tooth fairy forgets to come.  How dare she!

She explained herself though.....and definitely made up for it.

Reese is such an amazing kid!  We seriously hit the jackpot with her!

She recently participated in a first communion class at church.

Her and her friend, Cora, were the youngest, but still did very well, and most importantly, learned the reason behind holy communion.

Part of the class included baking bread to eat and share with the whole church to eat on communion Sunday.  The girls had a lot of fun with this!

They also had to recite a prayer that they wrote in front of the church.  Reese worries about things like this....scared she won't be able to do it before she even tries.  I think we had to only recite her prayer once, and she had it memorized.  She stepped up to the mic with no hesitation and nailed it.

Dear God,
I am thankful for holy communion because it brings me closer to you, and the closer I am to you, the better my life will be.  Amen.

Wow!  There's no way I could have done that!  And in that moment, as much as Chet and I wanted to start fist pumping, we settled for a whisper of, "I'm so proud of you!"  Something I believe every child so desperately needs to hear.

Cru would have loved speaking in front of everyone!  He could have recited his school prayers and The Pledge of Allegiance...something I never imagined he'd be able to do!

I have to wonder what kind of crazy "biggest fan" I'll be when the kids actually start playing competitive sports!  Yes, as much as she loves dancing/cheering and worries about if her curls are bouncing in her ponytail, I hope and pray predict she will be an athlete.

It's already started....she may not be the most aggressive or make every basket, but the girl's got form.

Even uses her left hand when told to do so.

She finished basketball camp a few weeks ago, and she still says every Saturday, "Tomorrow is basketball camp day!"

Love her spirit!

Even when she's wide open and the boys won't pass to her.

So proud of her for sticking it out and showing up with a positive attitude each week.  I'm sad to see it end.

Speaking of ending, I can't imagine how Chet's parents felt attending Cheyna's senior night at McPherson College.....

Where did the time go?

If there's one thing I've learned with being proud of your child, there's plenty to go around....

We love you both so very much and are so proud of all you have accomplished in your time there!

I may cheer a little too loud and brag just a little too much, but I am a mommy, dang it.  It's my right! 

And I'm proud of it!

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