Sunday, November 18, 2012

Halloween 2012

I really, I mean really, procrastinated with Halloween this year.  The kids mentioned months prior that they wanted to be superheros, which is what they were originally going to be last year, so I thought, "Great!  No biggie, costumes will come together easily. I can use my ideas from last year."

Then, I didn't think of it again....until I realized, "Oh crap, it's October!"  By this time, the older two were voicing their opinions about what kind of superhero they wanted to be, which was fine, except my plans included capes and props that we already had, not Batman and Catwoman!

But, as long as they were matching, that's all I cared about...they will match for as long as possible!  Hence, Evee being Robin!

Reese was out of school that day, so we started our morning with a visit to Daddy's office....

Quietly ripping open candy wrappers began here....

Next, we paid a visit to Grandpa, where a character had been waiting for us all morning....oh my!

Sam was pretty upset we didn't bring him any Halloween goodies....oops!

Since they were already all dressed up, I thought it would be a good idea to take pictures of the kids then rather than later that evening when they were only thinking about trick-or-treating....

Batman was pissed....what's new?

As usual, Robin and Catwoman did as they were told....

Side note - if you're ever looking for green tights, good luck!  We ended up dying some white ones the night before, which was super easy and free!

Reese had been begging to carve pumpkins, so once Evee went down for her nap, we did just that.

Luckily, it was a beautiful afternoon because I was out on the drive way for three hours with no help and lots of whining!  Never, ever will I do it again!  Carving pumpkins is a Daddy job!!!!

It was finally time to head out trick-or-treating!

Our crew with Alyssa (cat) and Lynzee (cheerleader)

Our crew with Carter (Iron Man) and Asher (scary spider) and Hayden not pictured was an adorable monkey

Scary Spider and Batman....what a pair!

After making the rounds in our neighborhood and stopping by Reese's teacher's house, we headed to Grandma Linda's and Grandpa Dell's.

Grandma Linda had lots of goodies waiting for them!

Next visit was to see Grandma Cheryl.

Grandma Cheryl always has lots of trick-or-treaters, so Reese loves ending our evening there!

And this year, I loved ending our evening knowing we didn't have school the next day!

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