Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Concluding Our Pumpkin Patch Season

Before Thanksgiving and fall take a back seat to Christmas and winter, I wanted to share the last of our pumpkin patch photos.

Reese and Cru's school hosts a pumpkin patch every year, and we tried to do our best to volunteer as much as possible.

On this particular morning, it was freezing!  And drizzling.  Cru and Everlee stayed at Grandma's, but Reese couldn't wait to go sell.  Her friend, Ellie, came to visit and they ran through the patch like it was 70 degrees!

We were lucky enough to have gorgeous weather the other times we worked.

Unbeknownst to me, I signed up to work on the morning Cru's class visited the patch!

Evee had no problem making herself at home with all those preschoolers!

Onna, Wyatt, Bella, Asher, Andrew, Lainey, Cru, Graham, Sam, Cole, Olivia

And finally, Reese's class took a trip to Sunny Side Pumpkin Patch.  I wasn't able to go that morning, but thanks to Mindy's pictures, I was able to see how much fun Reese had!

Always on the hunt for the smallest one!

And to conclude, my favorite picture....

Reese and Carter....how adorable are they?!  Reese has no problem wrestling and playing with the boys, but she also has no problem showing them some love ♥

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