Thursday, November 8, 2012

Can I Get Some Duck Tape, Please?!

I'm sure you've all figured out by now that Cru is our most "challenging" child.  Sure, our girls throw fits and argue and sass, but they rarely give us something to complain about.

Evee recently, however, has decided to up her game in the challenge department....

Yes, we know she's adorable, but removing ALL of her clothes, diaper included, EVERY SINGLE DAY at nap time and peeing all over everything is becoming really annoying.

At first, Chet was speaking a bit sarcastically when he told her we were going to duck tape her diaper. 

Now, I think it's our only solution.

Unless you can think of something else!

Is she ready to potty train already???

Well, she has a front row seat every time her brother and sister go, which has lead to her asking 50 times a day to go potty.  This results in her sitting on the potty, playing with toilet paper, saying, "I done." (when she's done nothing), then flushing.  Until today....

She actually went!

So, is she ready???

I doubt it.  But seriously, we really can't take much more of this!  So, can somebody get us some duck tape, please!

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