Monday, November 26, 2012

Frosty 5K...My First 5K!

A few months ago, my friend, Tiff, decided she wanted to start running.  I guess I was feeling inspired as well because I showed no hesitation when I told her I wanted to run with her.  And before too long, our friend, Mindy, joined us.  We started following the Couch to 5K training program, which worked well in the beginning since none of us were in any sort of shape to just go out an run a few miles every evening.

Within in the first week of our training, I suggested we all set a goal for ourselves...maybe a race??  I think I scared Tiff with that idea.  And then I think we all got scared when Mindy knew of one right away - the Frosty 5K!

We had around six weeks to get minds, bodies, and souls ready! Ha!  But we were determined to do it!

After a couple weeks of following the Couch to 5K training routine, we decided to deviate a bit, and before we knew it, we were running at least 3.1 miles every single night.

And then it was race day!

Me, Tiff, Mindy, Lindsay, and Chelsea...we were cold!!! 

Did you know festive socks make 3.1 miles so much more exciting and tolerable :)

I was pretty overcome with emotion crossing the finish line....between the little voices yelling, "Go Mommy!" and knowing what I just accomplished, it was a proud moment

Our hard work and determination paid off!

Us mamas weren't the only ones racing though...

We had six Running ReinDEAR participating in the Santa Sprint.  Plus two adorable cheerleaders....

Thank you so much to Tiff's mom, Sherri, for staying up way too late to make these adorable shirts!

A little stretching and chest bumping to get pumped up!

We take this stuff seriously, folks!  Can't you tell?

 And they're off!

 Here come the little guys...

 Here comes Hunter Man!


 Mamarazzi never too far behind...

At this point, I think I had forgotten about what I had accomplished an hour heart was bursting with pride and joy for these awesome kids!

Especially, proud of my girl who did not want to run for fear she wouldn't be the fastest.  But she put forth her best effort and overcame her fear and can't wait to run long as she gets s different reindeer name next time :)

Even if they wouldn't have had the race for the little kids, they were still very much entertained.

Definitely a family friendly function.

A special thank you to Chet who never once fusses about me running.  I think he understands it's free therapy and knows the girls are stuck listening to me gripe and not him :)

And thank you to my wonderful friends, Tiff and Mindy!  You guys are awesome!  And I'm so thankful for you two holding me accountable and keeping me going.

Can't wait for that 10K come spring!!!!

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