Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Soccer: Week 1

Reese and Cru started soccer last week. Not quite sure what to say about it....

Reese was very reserved, worried about not knowing how to play, and worried someone might kick her, so imagine how surprised I was when she went with her group without hesitation and participated like she's been playing since she was three, like a lot of the players.

Definitely helped having friends, Mallorie and Addi, in her group and having Molly as her coach!

Cru was pumped! He talked all day about how hard he was going to kick the ball, so imagine how surprised I was when we got there and he was all talk and no game!

Every time we'd convince him to go play, he'd participate for a few minutes, then run back to us.

Then, we'd convince him to go play again, and he'd come running for a water break (he took about 50 of those!).

Day two proved to pretty much be the same....Reese complained that soccer is too hard, she doesn't want to play anymore, and her shin guards are too tight. I actually threatened to leave her at home with a babysitter, which she was happy about. Once we were at the field though, she was in her zone again.

She participates so well. And when that hour is up, she talks non-stop about how much fun it was and how she won games!

So proud of her!

Cru, yet again, was all talk and no game! I get really, really frustrated with him. And to make matters worse, when he finally does decide to participate, his group is out of control!!!

He and another kid crashed, big time! He never went back out on the field after that....except to get his yellow shirt.

One good thing though is when his group is done for the night, he's still in a good mood and says he had so much fun. I don't get it though, maybe he's just too young. Or maybe he's just a big wienie. I won't last two nights a week for a month of this though!

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