Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Huntin' in the Hood

The weekend before Easter, some of our neighborhood families got together for a little egg huntin' in the hood!

Back row: Reanna, Reese, Carter, Mallorie, Lynzee
Front row: Asher, Alyssa, Hunter, Cole, Cru, and Karlie




All the happy egg hunters!

Big girls: Lynzee, Reese, Reanna, and Mallorie

Boys of the hood....being boys! Carter, Cole, Cru, Asher, and Hunter

After the egg hunt, all the kids went to the Eilrich's house to hang eggs on baby Kooper's tree.

I can't express how truly blessed our family is to be surrounded by such wonderful friends! I'm not quite sure what neighborhood we'll all be living in when these kids are teenagers, but I still think we should get them all together and go egg hunting. Just like we'll continue to have Santa in the hood even when they are teenagers :) These traditions create so many memories that are just too priceless not to continue. Agreed, mommies?

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  1. I love Cru's facial expressions!! And putting eggs on Kooper's tree almost put me to tears! Very happy memories!!