Monday, April 30, 2012


As your kids get older, their milestones seem to take on a whole new meaning.....

A couple Fridays ago, we had just finished dinner, and the kids were begging to head back outside for a little more play time before spring evenings! I hadn't heard any talk of teaching Reese to ride her bike without training wheels, but apparently Chet had because when I got outside, he was taking her training wheels off!

Lets do this! I guess.

We thought it might be best to start in the grass....

Everything looking and going good so far!

However, less than five minutes later, cue the tears and cue the cuss words!

It was a disaster, to say the least! Chet was frustrated, Reese was totally discouraged (sometimes I think she's afraid of hard work) and had pretty much just given up.....after five flippin' minutes! I mean, the attitude on this girl can be wicked....have no idea where she gets it from.

Putting the training wheels back on was not an option, so we decided it was best just to ignore her.....

Happy faces!

Chet was doing all the teaching, but I was giving all the orders....I told we were going to accomplish this this weekend!

First thing the next morning, they were back at it.....

There were more tears and more frustration.

But it didn't take long before there was a break thru.....more like, a let go!

She didn't even know he had let go. She was just riding.....

Jayden stopped by to give some encouragement.....

She was riding and loving every minute of it!

You should see her now! She's even rode home (well, to Grandma's) after school.

And my favorite part.....hearing her tell people, "My Daddy taught me!"

Daddy's, ahem, encouraging tone, must have really motivated her!

Very, very proud milestone we will never forget!

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