Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A wedding we will never forget

A couple weeks ago, my cousin, Amber, got married.  She asked Reese to be her flower girl.  Reese was, of course, thrilled....another opportunity to walk down the isle in a fancy dress!  The ring bearer, Malachi, made her job even better!

Amber was a gorgeous bride!  Wedding Barbie all the way!  Her colors were gorgeous as well.  Can't wait to see all of her professional pictures!

All week the meteorologists had been forecasting severe storms (as in tornadoes!) on Saturday.  I was worried.  Very worried!  Chet and I decided it was best to leave Cru and Everlee at home in case something did happen, so a huge thanks to Chet's parents for spending the evening in our basement protecting our babies.

Anyways, we had made it through the ceremony without much weather action.  Or so we thought....

As all of guests were lining up outside the church to send Amber and John off, the rain and the wind really pick up.  Chet finally grabbed Reese and ran to the van with her.  I followed soon after, and we immediately called his parents to see what the weather was doing in McPherson (we were in Smolan).  At that very moment, there was a tornado headed right for us!  It was in Marquette and it's path was Assaria, Smolan, Salina, and so on.  The reception was in Salina, by the way!

As much as I wanted to b-line it for home, we decided it was best to get Reese back in the church and to the basement.

In typical fashion, the men stood out back of the church watching.....and this was the view!

Ahhh!  Take cover!!!

There were only about 20 of us that stayed at the church to wait out the storm (bride and groom included).  The rest went onto the reception.  As soon as we knew we were in the clear, us smart ones (all the women!), came out to do a little watching for ourselves.  Funnels were spinning everywhere!

97 tornadoes touched down in Kansas that day!  97!!!!
Honestly, I think Reese would have been better off outside watching the storm instead of keeping her in the basement....it was scary for her, to say the least!  She cried a lot.  And the saddest part, she kept asking about Cru and Everlee.  Love her heart!  It definitely didn't help matters that my mom was freaking out and kept saying we were going to buried under a demolished church.

We hated to miss the reception, but we felt it was best to get home.  The sirens went off at the reception three times - every guest in the hotel took cover....in the reception all - I think we made the right decision!

Definitely a wedding none of John and Amber's guests will ever forget!

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