Monday, May 23, 2011

Reese's last day of pre-school

Hard to believe the school year has already come to an end! Reese was so excited for her last day not because school is over, but because of all the fun stuff they had planned for that day (and because Papa was taking her to school!).

They got to pack a sack lunch (Mommy's first time making a sack lunch!) and they were supposed to go to the Lindsborg park, but leave it to the Kansas weather to ruin the outdoor fun. But leave it to pre-schoolers to still think it's the coolest thing eating a sack lunch on the gym floor!

She ate all her lunch - sugar cookie, jello, cheese balls, and sandwich (in that order). Ha!

Reese had a great first year of school. She loved her teachers, who do a tremendous job with the kids. We are so thankful for them.

Receiving her alphabet book and some other goodies from Ms. Becky.

Hug good bye with little brother close by. He loved Ms. Becky too!

Since play time at the park was canceled, a couple of us moms decided we would have play time at McDonald's after school. It wasn't rain that ruined plans this time.....a boy decided to pee all over the play area. Seriously? We took the kids to Wendy's for frosties instead, which was good enough for them.

Mallorie and Reese

Carter and Ian

Don't they just scream ornery?!

Reese, we are so proud of all you accomplished your first year of school. This is only the beginning (it'll soon be the end in the blink of an eye though!). Just keep being your cautious, observant, compassionate self.

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