Friday, May 13, 2011

Reese's First May Fete Performance

Last week was All School's Day, and part of those festivities is May Fete. The All School's Day parade is always on Friday and May Fete is the Wednesday and Thursday before. Living in Kansas, it's almost inevitable it's going to rain one of those days, so Wednesday's May Fete is performed outside at Lakeside Park, but Thursday's is inside at the high school. I was really excited when I found out Reese's dance class was performing Wednesday; it just feels more May Fete-like when it's outside. I had been watching Wednesday's weather forecast since the week before, and I was pretty disappointed they called for rain that day. The storm built up and built up all day, but they still kept it at the park. That evening, the temperature dropped, the wind blew and blew, and the sky spit rain off and on, but the storm never came.

On with the show!

We did our best to keep everyone as warm and content as possible until it was Reese's turn, which luckily, was at the beginning.

Still lovin' the sling! Both of us!

Actually, she almost missed her performance. She was supposed to line up 2 performances before hers, which I was paying close attention to, but some of the performers must have canceled because I thought she still had time, then Chet said, "You better get her up there, she's next!" Oops. No worries though, she was lined up in plenty of time and even had a little extra time to chit chat (and freeze!).

Besides the fact that she was cold and shivering, she didn't seem nervous at all seeing all those people there to watch.

She was holding on pretty tight to her friend's hand though.

The music soon started and it was time to boogie!

They performed to Under the Sea. All the girls were adorable. Her teacher does such a good job.

Her recital is coming up in a couple weeks, and she is more than ready to perform on stage again.

Actually, she's probably just excited to get dressed up all fancy again.

Everyone was so excited and so proud!

Thanks to our families for coming and always showing us lots of love and support!

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