Friday, May 27, 2011

Busy, busy

I can't believe how crazy this week has been! And the weekend is only going to be busier.

Tonight is Reese's dance recital! I'm sure it'll be super-duper cute, but I'm hoping her 4 hour dress rehearsal isn't an indicator of how long our night will be. The two little ones may give us a run for our money.

Tomorrow we travel to Russell for my cousin's wedding. But before that, Reese has tee ball practice.

Sunday we are having a Reese Memorial Day family reunion, which I'm totally looking forward to! And if we can squeeze it in, one of our neighbor friends is having a birthday party.

It's crazy times like these that I like to find a little time to just stop and smell the roses.....

or play at the park in a diaper.

Have a great holiday weekend! Check in with you all soon.

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