Monday, May 16, 2011

May Day Parade and a few randoms

Last week, it was time once again for McPherson's annual All School's Day parade. Reese had been looking forward to it all week. These events definitely take on a whole meaning when you see the excitement in your child's eyes.

Once again, in Kansas you never know what the weather is going to do, and Friday it sucked! Gusty winds and only 40-some degrees. Luckily, the rain stopped. In 98 years, they've never canceled one parade due to the weather.

We were actually going to just stay home, but I knew how much Reese was looking forward to going (mainly to see her teacher with the pre-k kids), so I bundled her up and we tagged along with my parents (Chet very willingly volunteered to stay home with the other two).


This year's theme was Life's Shining Moments.

Here are a few pictures of some of the floats that caught our attention.

Canton-Galva Kindergarten - the grand prize winner. This one was awesome!

Washington Kindergarten - Grandma Linda and Grandma Cheryl's school. Very cute!

Sorry, had to throw Mike the Clown (or as we like to call him Clown Dog) in the mix.

I can't even remember what this was for, but Reese sure loved seeing Woody! Even more, I think she wanted to take some of those giant toys home.

This is Reese's school's float. The pre-k and kindergarten kids road on it, so it'll be Reese's turn next year!

Reese was waving and waving, then Ms. Becky saw her and yelled out at her so it was totally worth going!

Sorry had to throw this one out there too. None of you will understand except my dad. Ha! Maybe some day I'll do a whole post on this lovely fella, whom we like to call Chimney.

Here are some of the youth from our church. We stuck around in the cold to see them. As you can see, our pastor totally has his parade wave down. Ha!

Reese was also looking forward to the petting zoo and riding the camel, but it was just way too cold. Instead she rode with Grandma and I to Hutchinson to pick out a birthday present for her friend (next best thing to riding camels is looking at toys!).

I thought I'd throw some other random stuff into this post.....

Da boyz....stickin' together since they are now outnumbered in our house.

I thought Everlee was going to get mad enough to roll, she was just mad!

Some park playtime before picking Reese up from school.

Bounce house fun with our neighbor.

My girls with their aunties.

Love this!

Daddy got a new toy!

Visiting my aunt and uncle's new log cabin house in the country. What a beautiful place to call home!

A rare sight - pacifier in mouth....the fourth kind we've tried.

And lastly, my brother's had a little free time in between his season ending and leaving for North Carolina, so he, Audrey, ans Charlee spent some time at my parent's house last weekend. It was a great day!

Whew, that was a long one! Thanks for sticking it out.

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