Thursday, May 19, 2011

Let the good times roll

Everlee hit a milestone yesterday(5-18-11 for the baby book) - rolling over! I laid her on the floor because I needed to switch the laundry, and I heard lots of grunting so I took a quick peek at her, and much to my surprise her face was buried in the carpet; she had flipped from her back to her stomach! I rolled her back over, then quickly grabbed my camera in hopes she'd do it again.

OK Miss Everlee, show us what you got!

What's that over there???

Hi Mom! Maybe I'll just hang like this for a while.

Ugh, this is hard work....

Uh oh, headband malfunction!

Lets try this again.....

Atta girl!

You got it!

And over! She did it!

Eww, your carpet stinks, Mom!

Grrr....big girl!

It's a little bittersweet when your youngest hits one of her first milestones....feels like the first of the lasts. Guess that's part of it, so I guess there's only one thing to say....let the good time roll, baby!

So proud of you, Evee!

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