Friday, November 19, 2010

This week recap

I've really slacked at blogging lately. I just don't have the energy. Pathetic excuse, I know. But true.

I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week! My favorite holiday! I have so much to be thankful for. But before the chaos of next week consumes me, I figure it best to catch up on this week's happenings.

I'd like to show you a few imagines through the eyes of Reese.

We've been doing lots of crafts lately, all of us. Reese is really into having me draw shapes, then she cut them out and decorate them. If Reese is cutting and coloring, Cru is right there with her. And as for myself, I've kept busy with new bows, tutus, and headbands!

Below is the tiniest tutu I've ever made; someone custom ordered a newborn OU tutu. It turned out adorable! Reese kept telling me that we needed one for our baby.....she's still convinced (more than ever now) that we are having a girl. For the record, I think it's a boy.

Reese was kind enough to let her baby, Ellen, model a new headband.

Cru wanted his baby to model it as well.

Reese was very intrigued with the giant snow flakes that fell this week.

She pretty much glued herself to the window all afternoon.

And once again, about mid-week, I felt like I wanted to just beat the hell out of something.

But we all survived.

In preparation for Thanksgiving, Reese's teacher asked her class to each decorate a turkey feather and write on it what they are thankful for.

Reese said she was thankful for.....

Let the gobbling begin!

Little man posing right after Sissy.

Thursday, Reese had her Thanksgiving feast at school. She chose to invite her Daddy. The only thing I asked of him was to take my camera. He was not thrilled. We finally settled on him taking my little point and shoot.

So thankful for this girl!

Eating her feast.

I think they were singing here.

Reese and all her little gobbling friends.

We are so thankful for her teachers and school.

Visiting Grandpa after her feast.

I love walking by Reese's room and seeing her sparkling tree, so I decided Cru should get one too....crazy, I know. He kept saying, "Pretty. Ball. Pretty. Ball."

And lastly, I couldn't ask for a better way to end our week than to see (on screen) our family's newest addition.

Reese loved it! Hence, telling me 50 thousand times since we left the hospital, "We don't have a sister yet. It's a girl. We really need a sister."

We haven't had a sonogram since I was 10-11 weeks along, so this was a treat! I could have laid on that table all day. It made me so anxious and excited. As I said before, I have a lot to be thankful for!

Yes, even thankful for those tiny little feet that kick the crap out of me all day.

At our regular ob appointment on Monday, the head was up at the top of my uterus and the heart rate was 142. Today, the head was down and the heart rate was 129.

I think he/she is excited about joining our family as well.....look at that big wave and smile.

Happy Friday, happy end of the week, happy weekend!!!!

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