Friday, November 12, 2010


One thing I'd like to get done before winter is here and before the new baby arrives is getting our toy room organized. It's a small room so I don't really have much to work with, but I'd like to make it a fun area for the kids. Chet painted it bright, bright orange a couple weeks ago. I've already got a couple shelves in there crammed full, so we are having someone build us a bigger, taller shelf for more storage. There is also a big art desk in there that I got a couple years ago at a garage sale, so the other day as I was thinking about what I wanted to start putting on the walls, I decided to let Reese paint some pictures to hang above that desk, so it can be like a little art area.

She was very excited! She loves to paint. What's funny is she'll color/paint a 100 pictures, and every single one of them will look exactly the same.

I just let her have at it, and when she said she was done with one, I gave her another. I did suggest she use different colors on each of them otherwise they would have all been black - her favorite color.

We usually do our art projects while Cru is sleeping, especially ones that involve painting, but little man woke up while Reese was finishing up her last picture.

Of course, he wanted to join in on the fun.....he got crayons instead of paints. I don't mind a mess, but I don't think I could have handled the disaster that would have come with him and painting. He's very into coloring right now; I think he's finally past eating the crayons two seconds into scribbling.

As soon as the canvases were dry, we hung them!

I think my little Picasso did a fantastic job! I'm trying to decide if I'd like to add more to that wall or call it good.

We are slowly making progress on the room.....but slow progress is better that no progress!

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