Friday, August 13, 2010


Here comes one of those Totally Random Posts with totally random pictures....seems like that's how life has been going lately.

Last weekend, my cousin's little boy, Christian, turned three. He had a Toy Story party out at my uncle's/his grandpa's pond. It was a scorcher! But a lot of fun, as the pond always is.

Christian's mommy makes awesome cakes. Very talented.

But just like that, Christian blew out the candles, and all her hard work went right into all of our tummies.

I hope it rains tonight and this weekend like they are calling for! For one, I love storms. And two, I'd love a little relief from the heat. Oh yeah, but if it rains on Sunday it will either make our neighborhood water fight completely pointless or that much more fun.

Since today is Friday, here's a little Flashback Friday of my little man exactly one year ago to this day.

Still an ornery little turd and as cute as ever.

I go to the doctor on Monday and find out how much weight I've gained in a month. Let me just tell you, I'm expanding. Which is probably why Reese constantly hugs and kisses my belly and asks if the baby is doing ok. I mean, I feel like I'm expanding everywhere. And although my chest can expand all it wants :), I'd rather my legs and butt keep from expanding, at least until I'm further along.

That kind of stuff (above) DOES. NOT. HELP!

Yesterday, Reese went to visit her pre-school. I think I was more nervous than she was. She walked right in, took her teacher's hand, and never looked back. Once her time was up, she ran out with her friends as excited and happy as could be. She told me they read a book about a shark, they listened to music, but she didn't dance, some kids colored, she preferred playing with the babies, and they had a cracker. And the best part, when she woke up this morning, the first thing she asked was if she was going back to school today. Her first official day is next Thursday, so hopefully she can wait that long.

Last night, Reese, my mom, and I went to El Dorado for a surprise shower/dinner for my sister-in-law, Audrey. Her mom and sister also drove down for it. Some of the coaches wives at Butler (where my brother coaches) put it together for her. Such a thoughtful gesture.

This morning, instead of doing our normal running around, I decided we'd stay home. While the kids played, I worked on laundry (trying to get ahead because I hate spending my whole weekend doing it!), continued to work on cleaning out Cru's last years fall/winter clothes to make room for all his new stuff, and I also worked on some Dirt Cheap sales reports....I just love spreadsheets! I'm not even being sarcastic. When I was still working, I'd find any excuse to make a spreadsheet.

Then I had enough of the chores, so we went outside for a break!

It was hot and windy, so we confined ourselves to the garage so we could actually blow the bubbles.

Cru dumped his whole bottle on the ground as soon as I opened it, then just tried drinking it, but I think Reese had fun.

I want to give a shout out today to an old childhood and high school friend who unexpectedly emailed me today.....hey Abbey! It was so nice to hear from her. I haven't seen her since that one time at a bar in Manhattan, and despite us having a conversation at a bar, I do remember talking about how it would be so cool if Cason and Chancey ended up together because then we would somehow be related. See you in Florida, Abbey, when we become family! (her brother is marrying Chet's sister)

And last but certainly not least, it's been a long while since these pictures were taken of Reese and her dance class, but I'm just now getting copies made for family, and I thought I'd share.....contain yourself :)

Ha! I just love it! That morning, I was laughing so hard at her. It was like smiling and posing like a kitty cat was the most painful thing in the world.


And with that, I hope you all have a perrr-fect weekend!

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