Thursday, August 26, 2010

18 months, wow!

In some ways yes, it's hard to believe our little man is a year and a half already. But at the same time, it's like he's always been part of our family. One thing I do know is that our family would not be the same without him.

I won't have year and a half stats until next week (our appt was cancelled yesterday).

Here's a little of what he's up to at 18 months old:
  • Like most boys, he's on the go ALL. THE. TIME.
  • I made a joke the other day to Chet that there's no doubt Cru is part of our family because he is one dancin' fool like the rest of us.

  • Brushing all 16 of his teeth is probably one of his favorite things to do. Basically, you can't say the word teeth out loud without him saying teeth and running to the bathroom.

  • He's still a very picky eater. If we don't have pizza, spaghetti, mac & cheese, or McDonald's for supper, he won't eat it. The foods he eats the most are yogurt, bananas, applesauce, chips, crackers, jelly sandwiches, pretty much anything made with hamburger, broccoli, pickles, and anything sweet.
  • He throws a ball right handed, but bats and hits a golf ball left handed.
  • He loves shoes! Doesn't matter whose, if there's a pair laying around, he's got them on.

  • He's been going to bed no later than 8:30, and I usually don't hear a peep from him until 8 am (sometimes earlier, sometimes later).
  • He loves to be outside. And loves the dirt!
  • He says hi to anyone and everyone.
  • Most of the time, you can find him like this - hat on, sucker in mouth, and burp rags in hand.

  • His vocabulary has greatly developed just in the past month: Daddy, Mommy, Sissy, hi, bye-bye, Grandpa, Granny (nany), spoon, water (wah), teeth, please, cheese, shoes, bubbles, Coy, Cooty, Cru (Coo), owie (a favorite), cookie (said all day long), baby, cracker, eyes, stairs (usually says "go stairs"), go, chair, oh man, poopie (he says ever since poop overflowed out his diaper onto his changing pad), got it, excuse me, and basically whatever else you ask him to say.

  • He knows where his nose and ears are. We're still working on eyes.
  • He's a little slow on the animal sounds. At one point, everything barked, then quacked, then mooed. Now he basically just knows what a monkey says.
  • He melts my heart every single day.
  • He loves his Sissy more than anything, and thinks she's so funny, which also melts my heart.
  • He's our little man, our Cruy, our Bubba, our Cru-Jo, our Cru-dog, our Cru-Cru.....most of all he's ours!

Happy 18 months, Cru! We love you!

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