Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Don't even know what to title this

Yesterday, Cru got a much needed hair cut.

Why the heck we didn't have it this short all summer is beyond me.

Anyways, fast forward to supper time. I was cooking and Chet had just gotten home from work. Reese was in her room playing, and as Chet made his way down the hallway, all I heard was, "What are you doing? Get in timeout right now!" Uh oh, this can't be good.

Chet walked back into the kitchen carrying tiny nail scissors. We had them for Reese when she was a baby because I was always afraid I was going to cut her skin with regular clippers. All I thought was, "Oh dear Lord, please not her hair!"

Well, she was cutting hair, but thank goodness not hers. Freddy's hair.

We didn't even ask for an explanation, I'm sure she thought she was going to be the next Luke the barber. The girl is so observant and picks up on everything. And out of all her dolls, she picked Freddy - her only boy doll who just so happens to look a little like Cru.

Observant, I tell ya.

Guess she thought he was looking a little shaggy too.

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