Sunday, August 29, 2010

A party fit for a princess

Our little princess doesn't officially turn 4 until Tuesday, however we decided to do some early celebrating since, you know, turning 4 is a big deal. Per Reese's request, we had a princess party.

Castle and all! Thanks to Adam, who works for my dad, for helping trim and cut the cardboard, to Reese for helping paint, and to Chet and my dad for taping it together.

It was a bit windy the day of the party, which means at our house, it's really windy, so we kept the castle in the garage, and put the kids' table inside it. Worked out perfect.

While waiting for guests to arrive, the kids stayed busy decorating treasure boxes.

They all seemed to really enjoy this. I loved seeing their creations.

The treasure box decorating kept the kids busy so I could get all the food set out for lunch.

I really loved how Reese's table turned favorite part!

And I was so pleased with how the cake turned out.....and so thankful I didn't try to make it!

Reese did a great job mingling with her guests.

(Molly (Aunt Cheyna's roommate), Aunt Cheyna, Reese, and Aunt Casyn)

(Reese and Carter)

(Reanna, Reese, Carter, and Carter)

(Baby Karlie)

(Mallorie and Reese - they seem to always find their way into Reese's room for make-up time, always!)

(Reese and Carter)

Finally, lunch time!

Then the craziness of opening presents.

Opening presents wasn't our only entertainment!

(Maddox wrapped in Reese's bug net wearing a tutu!)

Then it was time for cake!

We really want to thank all of Reese's friends and family who took time to help her celebrate. She had a great party! She's very blessed.

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