Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Audrey's baby shower

This past weekend, Reese and I attended a baby shower for my brother's wife, Audrey, and their baby girl who is due to arrive in September.

The beautiful mom-to-be.

Reese signing the guestbook.

Reese was happy to have Grandma Cheryl there.

The shower had just started and a man walked in with flowers....."For the two most beautiful babes" is what the card said.

How awesome is my brother?! Gave me tears, but I'm blaming it on my own pregnancy hormones.

Audrey with her sister, Chelsea, who did a fabulous job hosting and decorating.

Reese was so well behaved that afternoon. I think she felt pretty important helping with the gifts.

Audrey and Baby Reese were showered with wonderful gifts.

Audrey with some of her guests....

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