Saturday, July 31, 2010

KC trip

We headed out Wednesday morning for a three day stay in Kansas City. Chet had a board retreat, so thanks to grandparents, Cheyna and I were able to tag along.

We rolled in right around lunch time, so our first stop was mine and Chet's all time favorite Mexican place in KC, Dos Reales.

The last time we ate there was two years ago when we came up to KC to watch my brother pitch for the T-Bones, and I was 11 weeks pregnant with Cru. I was 11 1/2 weeks pregnant this trip. The food tasted just just as amazing as I remember! Some friends of ours also joined us which was an added treat.

After lunch, Chet went golfing with a few of his buddies, and Cheyna and I headed here!

First stop, here!

We spent nearly 2 hours there!

Forever 21 + 2 hours = THIS!

We spent so much time in there, we only made it to about three other stores before we had to leave. It actually timed out perfectly though because right as we loaded up the car, Chet finished golfing. So instead of driving all the way to the hotel, we headed straight to our friends' house for dinner (more Mexican!). It was a great evening with old friends.

We finally checked into our hotel around 10:15 that evening.

This is where we stayed.

Gotta love staying on the very top floor.....ack!

The next morning, I headed to my favorite second hand store. Two sack fulls later, I think it's safe to say I hit the jackpot yet again. It was a lot of fun picking up some sweet baby girl things for my new little niece who arrives in less than two months!

Chet had meetings that afternoon, so Cheyna and I headed to the Oak Park Mall. Once again, we spent nearly 2 hours in Forever 21! Yes, same store, but way different stuff. And yet again, because we spent so much time in one store, we only hit up a few others after that because I had to be back by a certain time to go to dinner with Chet.

We had planned to go back to the mall the next day since Chet had more meetings, but his meetings ended by lunch time, so we decided just to grab some lunch and head home. Probably a good idea....we did quite a bit of damage in just two afternoons!

It was a blast and a great little get away. But I was really starting to miss my babies.

They really enjoyed checking out and trying on all the new stuff.

Thanks again, babe for taking us girls with you. And a huge thank you to our parents for taking care of the kiddos. I'm sure they weren't spoiled at all.....ha!

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