Thursday, July 22, 2010


Having a third child has been a topic of conversation between Chet and I every day since we had we or don't we. I think we both always knew we wanted three children, but we just didn't know when. Quite a while ago, we decided not to make any baby decisions until after the summer. But then Chet decided maybe we should just "see what happens" - not trying, but not preventing. I was OK with that because I was not evening thinking about getting pregnant.

One morning, after the kids and I finished grocery shopping, I just felt horrible. I had no idea if I was "late" or not. Remember, I wasn't thinking it would happen that quickly. I happened to have a test from way back when I found out I was pregnant with Cru, so I took it. Positive in seconds! It was like when I found out I was pregnant with Reese - I had no idea + meant positive. Once it sunk in though that it really was positive, I was overwhelmed with excitement. I didn't see Chet all day, so that's when I decided I would surprise him with the news for his birthday, but that meant waiting 8 days! Not happening! I spilled the beans minutes after seeing him!

So, here we are, 10 weeks and 4 days pregnant, and we couldn't be more excited!

As I mentioned a few weeks ago in a post, I had some health issues arise. They were not baby related, and thankfully had no effect on the little one. I made several trips to the doctor during those couple weeks, and they never once mentioned the baby, so I took that as a good sign. I did, however, get a little anxious, and a week before our first ob appointment, I asked my doctor ever-so-sweetly to please check the heart beat. He agreed, but warned me at only 9 weeks along, we more than likely wouldn't hear it so I wasn't supposed to get discouraged. He listened and listened, and finally as he's about to take the doppler off my belly, we heard the faintest whah-whah-whah ever. It was amazing! It was so faint that Chet, who was sitting right next to me, couldn't hear it. He quickly stood up, and the doctor was able to find it again, but only for seconds. We breathed a sign of relief that afternoon.

This Monday was our first official ob appointment. It went well. We heard the heart beat again. A little louder this week :) We also had a sonogram to check dates since I wasn't exactly sure on my dates. Right now, our official due date is Valentine's Day....too sweet, huh?

Little thing was already waving those hands and kicking those feet!

(as your looking at the screen, head is on the right, two little hands sticking out below that. i think he/she kinda looks like a puppy dog.)

Yes, I said he/she because like with Reese and Cru, we will not be finding out the sex until his/her birthday. But I'm open to guesses :) I may have to put a poll up on my sidebar for fun.

Reese screamed with excitement when we told her, and yelled, "I'm going to have a baby sister!" And that's also what she's told everyone when she's told them we're having a baby - not a baby, a baby sister. I think her brother drives her bonkers all day long, so she's thinking a sister would be way better. We just tell her, "Yes, Mommy is having a sister OR a brother. "

So, there you have it - details with pictures! I plan on keeping track of everything with this pregnancy because I totally slacked with all that when I was pregnant with Cru, and since this is my personal scrapbook, I'll be keeping track right here on my blog, from weight gain to symptoms to everything. You don't have to read it, I just want to keep track for my own memories.

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