Sunday, July 18, 2010

This weekend, we.....

.....found some fun new garage sale treasures.

.....quietly snuck away while Mommy and Reese were distracted by the new garage sale toys to eat the McDonald's that was waiting in the van. banked and washed the van at the same time!

.....cleaned so much out of the garage that people kept stopping thinking we were having a garage sale.

.....baked some yummy cookies and ate entirely way too many!

.....grilled some delicious burgers. a boo-boo from our new garage sale toys (chin and inside mouth).

.....built Coy a new area in the garage.

(before - built out of a dresser, broken sheet rock, and paint cans)


.....stayed hydrated any way possible.


And splashed some more.

And splashed some more.



.....had a great weekend!

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