Monday, July 5, 2010

Catch up (aka - long post with lots of pics)

Where to start???

This holiday weekend was fabulous (wet, but fabulous). Besides the 4th, we've had a lot of other stuff going on, but instead of breaking it all up into individual posts, I thought I'd just put together one big ol' catch up bare with me.

Thursday evening we celebrated Grandpa Rod's "29th" birthday.

Party started getting crazy when the hooters came out.

Owls, that is! Five of them live in Grandma and Grandpa's back yard.

Saturday, Reese went fishing for the first time.

Chet's been wanting to take her for a while now, so as another celebration of Grandpa's birthday, everyone (Chet, Reese, Grandpa, Grandma, Cheyna, and Casyn) went!

Two minutes after they headed out of town, it started pouring. No turning back though!

I sent my little point and shoot with Chet, and thanks to Grandma and Cheyna we can all share in Reese's great first fishing memories.

Apparently, the worms were her favorite part. No fear what so ever.

She was also pretty good with the net.

I guess when Cheyna and Casyn took their shirts off, Reese insisted she take hers off too, except she had no suit underneath.

Grandpa had been enjoying some peaceful time alone until you know who joined him.

At the end of the trip, look who caught one!

Meanwhile, back at home, I was spending some quality time with my little man.

We played catch (a lot!), read books, and he even did a little showing off for me....where's your nose???

He's just the cutest thing I ever did see.

McPherson had their fireworks show that night (Saturday), so once the fishing crew was back home, my parents joined the party, and we enjoyed a fun evening.

Cru was literally in awe, but loved the noise and the sparkle.

Happy 4th from the diva herself!

Our neighbors do a BIG hoop-la for this holiday and usually shoot firecrackers all night long, but the rain put a damper on things, which really didn't bother me because our kids got a peaceful nights sleep. We did enjoy a little sparkle in between the showers though.

It rained all day on the actual 4th, so we just took it easy. It was nice.
By evening time, the rain had finally let up some, so we headed out for our annual tradition of celebrating at the pond.

The pond's beauty and peacefulness never gets old.

Daddy found peacefulness for himself.

Didn't last long though.

Once again, Cru was in awe and just took it all in.

Reese took a break from poppers to go on a paddle boat ride.

Some were really feelin' the festivities....

Last year, we bought a few firecrackers for Reese, however she showed no interest in setting them off, so this year I just picked up a few that we didn't have to light just pull strings. But go figure, she only wanted fire!

These hot air balloon thingys were her absolute favorite. No noise, just light them on fire and watch them float away. They were really cool.

Once it was dark, everyone was ready for some light-up-the-sky sparkle.

There's no need to go into town for the big show, my cousins do a great job of blowing their money for our entertainment entertaining us!

Happy 4th of July from the Buchmans! Hope everyone had a safe and happy weekend!

Whew, if you made it till the end, way to go! If not, I don't blame you. Maybe I should have split it all up. Oh well. Have a great week!

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