Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Running was a constant in my life for quite a while.

Was being the key word.

Last winter, I really slowed down.

And no, I'm not talking about my time...can't get much slower than that ;)

Cold weather {and probably Netflix!} kept me indoors through the winter.  By spring, the kids' schedules were so crazy, I just couldn't find time.

Poor excuse.

It should have been a priority!  Not like I was a physical specimen, but it did enable me to eat pretty freely.  Not to mention, girl time with some of my faves!

Now, I'm heavier than I've ever been and I only see my running trio when we schedule margarita nights....I miss them :(((

I miss running too.  Just not as much as them.

So, with the kids in school again, I've made exercise somewhat of a priority, at least on MWF mornings.  I go to weight lifting classes....

and run.

Not in that order.

The first couple weeks, I'd do intervals of running {fast for me} and walking.  I kid you not, I only made it a mile and a half the first day.

How did I ever run 13.1 miles consecutively????  Twice!

I worked myself up to three miles of intervals, and I hated every minute of it!

I had a 5k approaching, I needed to get my a$$ in gear!

And then, the day before the race, {while at the Y} I decided not to worry about how fast I was running and JUST RUN!

And I loved every mile of it!

It felt so good to enjoy it again.

It eased my race anxiety...I knew my time would suck, but I honestly didn't care.

My bigs riding their bikes along side of me for those 3.1 miles might have helped too....they didn't let me go any slower than I already was!

The kids had their own race after the 5k...

All I wanted them to do was give their very best and have fun!

Cru was the first boy to finish!  And Reese wasn't far behind him!  I was SO PROUD!  But best of all, they BOTH already said they want to run again next year!

I'm continuing my slow and steady attitude because the way I look at it is I'm making all you fast runners look good {you're welcome!} and lapping all you others sitting on the couch!

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